Is FER-PAL Working in Your Neighborhood?

Find out what to expect if FER-PAL is working to rehabilitate watermains in your area.

Prior to the rehabilitation process, residents and commercial establishments in the affected areas are notified by the municipality via hand-delivered letters.

The cleaning and lining process requires that the existing watermain be taken out of service for approximately four to six weeks. To provide temporary water and fire hydrant service, a temporary above ground water system will be installed on both sides of the street, with houses being served by a hose connected to the outside garden tap.

It is imperative that your outside garden tap be in working order so that we’re able to hook-up the temporary water supply during this construction period. If you do not have a working outside garden tap, please contact our office immediately and we will arrange for an alternate hook-up to take place. In order for the water to enter your home, it is imperative that your outside garden tap be in the fully open position (valve/handle turned counter-clockwise fully).

For residents who have a frostfree garden tap – please be aware that there are concerns pertaining to the hook-up of the temporary water supply to these taps. If the frostfree tap was installed incorrectly, any water that did not drain prior to the winter months could have potentially froze during the colder temperatures, creating a crack in the pipe. In order to provide your residence with water, the rod in the frost-free tap is removed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to detect a pre-existing crack. Should there be a pre-existing crack, water may leak through the crack potentially causing a flood in your home.

FER-PAL Construction cannot be held liable for faults in internal plumbing or any damages that may occur as a result of faulty or aged internal plumbing, including frost-free taps.

During the cleaning and lining process, the water supply will be shut-off on one or two occasions for a period of time of approximately six to eight hours. You will be notified in advance to allow you to prepare for the shutoff.

See door knocker notices here.

If your business cannot operate under these conditions (i.e. restaurants), arrangements can be made to ensure any interruption in water supply be kept to a minimal. Please contact our office immediately if these arrangements are required.

In view of these temporary shutoffs, please ensure that any plumbing, heating/cooling system or other devices incorporated into the water supply in your house will not be affected by the temporary shut-off. It is suggested that these units/devices be disconnected during the construction process.