The Lifespan of Watermain Lining

FER-PAL knows that there is no comparison when selecting the right CIPP liner. ALTRA CIPP has a proven track record of over 20-years of installations with over 1-million meters (3,280,000ft) installed across North America. Within this experience, ALTRA is able to determine a life expectancy of 80-100 years.

Keeping Businesses Open

When it comes to choosing technologies to replace or rehabilitate an aging watermain the choice is simple. More digging=more disruption. ALTRA CIPP provides a trenchless solution that requires minimal excavation. This prevents disruptions to businesses and residents, allowing for a normal day-to-day life, even during construction.

Project Design to Completion

The speed at which a cured-in-place watermain project can be completed provides a unique advantage compared to using ALTRA CIPP. The traditional practice of open-cut construction comes with higher costs and delays that can be avoided by using less disruptive methods of construction.

The Tree-Saving Solution

When watermains are initially installed, trees are often placed above them. When that watermain requires replacement, utility owners have historically had to replace the trees as well. Unfortunately, 100-year old trees cannot be bought at the local greenhouse. Now with ALTRA CIPP, utility owners can rehabilitate their aging watermains without excavating, preventing harm to these irreplaceable trees.

The Resilient Watermain Solution

Our environment is rapidly changing and our infrastructure is being tested like never before. By utilizing ALTRA CIPP Lining to rehabilitate their watermains, utilities get a brand new watermain that will bend but won’t break. Recent testing performed by Cornell University highlighted ALTRA’s unique ability to withstand catastrophic seismic events as well as floods.