Taking the Stress Out of Assessment

Recently, we had the honor of working with Green Bay Water to provide their first-ever ALTRA CIPP project. With our Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining technology, we rehabilitated a leaky 1960s cast iron watermain along Hazelwood Lane.

We were glad to be the selected contractor for this project and bring ALTRA CIPP technology into another community, increasing the lifespan of this watermain while preserving surrounding infrastructure.

“The contractor was easy to work with,” said Kristin Romanowicz, the utility’s engineering supervisor. “With our crew helping on four excavation pits, every part went as planned.”
Brian Powell, general manager of Green Bay Water, deemed the project a success. “It definitely was cheaper than a traditional repair. It was a very non-intrusive project, so traffic flowed along the street as normal. People had access to their properties as normal. And all of that’s a savings, too.”

Our partnership with Green Bay Water was a great opportunity to pursue our commitment of revitalizing essential water infrastructure while prioritizing the environment and residents of the communities we work in. Thanks for a great project, Green Bay Water!

Read more about this successful project: https://www.mswmag.com/editorial/2024/05/taking-the-stress-out-of-assessment