Why rehabilitate old cast iron, ductile iron or asbestos cement pipe?

The overall quality and quantity of drinking water is a constant concern to municipalities across North America. This is what has motivated FER-PAL to develop innovative structural pipe lining solutions. The traditional method of main cleaning and Cement Mortar Lining by open-cut replacement was the sole option. Although acceptable, advancements have been made and are available to municipal engineers. What is the alternative? Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining.

The CIPP Solution

FER-PAL is a licensed installer of ALTRA, the leading product used for trenchless structural watermain rehabilitation. Composed of two polyester jackets and an epoxy resin, the ALTRA CIPP liner is an AWWA Class 4 structural lining solution.

The ALTRA Advantage

  • Stops watermain breaks and leaks
  • Pulled-in-place system with wet-out of liner occurring on-site
  • Ability to line multiple 45-degree bends
  • Install new services via hot-tap with standard tapping tools
  • Reassemble with standard fittings
  • 100 year life expectancy