FER-PAL Construction Ltd. believes that every employee is entitled to work in a safe environment.

FER-PAL’s commitment to safe work practices begins with its rigorous health and safety training program for each of its employees, a complete and concise Health and Safety manual and an active Joint Health and Safety Committee. FER-PAL offers in house safety training courses such as WHMIS, Chainsaw Safety and Confined Space Awareness and enrolls its employees in training courses offered by the Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO), Electrical Utilities Safety Association of Ontario (EUSA), Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario (THSAO) and St. John Ambulance’s First Aid training.

In 2017, FER-PAL achieved Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification further acknowledging the company’s continued focus on health and safety. The COR™ program is an occupational health and safety accreditation given to companies that verify that they meet all requirements of provincial and federal legislation. The COR™ certification program is recognized nationally by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) and is administered by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Administration (IHSA).

Through these initiatives, FER-PAL is meeting and continues to meet its legislative responsibilities, but most importantly ensures all employees have confidence in their abilities to perform their duties safely and efficiently.

In keeping with this policy, everyone at FER-PAL has a strong commitment to health, safety and the environment and strives to provide solid foundations for the future.

As a part of FER-PAL’s Healthy and Safety Plan as well as our Code of Ethics, we have provided our employees a means to anonymously report a breach of the Code of Ethics. 

Whistleblower Hotline: 1-800-661-9675

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