Freeze-thaw Cycle Causing Increase in Watermain Breaks

-Jan. 9th, 2018

As posted in The Toronto Star

This year’s early cold snap is finally fading, but as the temperatures shift, so do the pipes in the ground, causing disastrous breakages and damage to roads.

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As Disparity in Water Rates Persists, Cook County Board Searches for Answers

-Jan. 9th, 2018

As posted in The Chicago Tribune

In an effort to tackle the wide disparity in water rates and high levels of water loss across the Chicago region, a Cook County Board of Commissioners panel on Tuesday heard from local leaders whose communities are plagued by crumbling infrastructure and soaring bills.

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Better Drinking Water Infrastructure for Toronto Residents – 17 Kilometres of Watermain to be Upgraded Across Toronto

-Sept. 13, 2017

The governments of Canada, Ontario and the City of Toronto are committed to investing in local infrastructure that ensures Canadians and their families have access to modern, reliable water and wastewater services that meet their needs. These investments safeguard the health and well-being of residents, protect waterways and preserve local ecosystems, while also laying the foundation for new economic opportunities to strengthen the middle class across the province.

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Ventia Introduces the Future of Watermain Renewal to Australia

-Sept. 8, 2017

As posted in Trenchless International

Sanexen’s structural liner for drinking watermains, Aqua-Pipe, has made its way to Australia and been used in the ground-breaking pipeline rehabilitation for a local water utility. The project was completed by local services company Ventia, who has the exclusive rights to Aqua-Pipe in Australia; it is the first time a structural CIPP product has been used to reline a drinking watermain in Australia.

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U.S. infrastructure gets D-plus grade in civil engineers’ report card, again

-Mar. 9, 2017

As posted in Reuters

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. infrastructure was given a near-failing grade of D-plus by an engineering association on Thursday, a repeat of a rating that could give momentum to President Donald Trump’s vow of a $1 trillion investment to rebuild everything from roads to dams.

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Trenchless Technology Canada Roundtable: The State of the Canadian Trenchless Market

-Jan. 11, 2017

Mike Kezdi, Trenchless Technology

As the federal government looks to pump more money into infrastructure improvements across the country, trenchless technologies are poised to play a pivotal role. Unfortunately, some methods are more utilized and recognized than others. In an effort to gauge where the different provinces stand in the use and acceptance of trenchless methods, Trenchless Technology Canada reached out to several leaders in the field across the country.

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Even in the Drought, America is Leaking Water

-Aug. 20, 2015

Jane Wells, CNBC

One-third of the country is in a drought, according to the federal government, affecting 95 million people. Despite the urgency, America is still losing a lot of water it still has.

For example: There are nearly a quarter-million watermain breaks a year, according to the American Water Works Association. Two trillion gallons of drinkable water are lost annually due to a variety of reasons, including leaks, though that number is an educated guess. Nobody really knows for sure.

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Toronto Commits To Massive Sewer/Water “to do” List

-July 2, 2015

Peter Kenter, The Daily Commercial

Under its 10-year, $11billion capital plan, the city’s entire water and sewer Infrastructure State of Good Repair backlog could theoretically be erased between 2015 and 2024. Much of the spending will involve the infrastructure required to move water and sewage around the city and subsequent wastewater treatment.

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CWWA Releases Public Attitudes 2015 Report

-June 3, 2015

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA), with the help of Water Canada and the Actual Media team, has released a new report titled Public Attitudes 2015. The report acts as a guidebook for communities developing communications plans around their water and wastewater services and will help bridge the gap between public opinion and the reality of our water infrastructure challenges.

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AWWA Releases State of the Water Industry Survey

-May 25, 2015

The American Water Works Association’s 2015 State of the Water Industry Report comes at a time when utilities are faced with a daunting conundrum: How to pay for more than a trillion dollars in infrastructure renewal, replacement and expansion over the next 25 years during a time of declining water sales and revenues.

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Measuring the Benefits of Trenchless

-April 24, 2015

David O’Sullivan, Trenchless Technology

Since the various trenchless methods of construction started to become accepted in the last 40 or 50 years, the industry has argued that trenchless can help society by reducing traffic impact, public disruption and the resulting devaluation of the asphalt from trench cuts.

The question always remained: How do you measure this advantage, remembering the business adage is, “If you cannot measure, you cannot manage?”

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Water Pipes Would Get Fixed With $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

-Feb. 17, 2015

Sara Jerome, Water Online

At a time of intense budget pressure at the state and federal level, one senator is calling for a massive outlay of infrastructure dollars. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, introduced a five-year, $1 trillion infrastructure bill last month. The top Democrat on the Senate Budget Committee, Sanders called on lawmakers to stop neglecting infrastructure issues.

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EPA Launches Finance Center to Improve Community Water Infrastructure and Resiliency

– Jan. 21, 2015

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched the Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center today to help communities across the country improve their wastewater, drinking water and stormwater systems, particularly through innovative financing and by building resilience to climate change.

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Cities Find Tech Solution to Break Asset Management Silos

– Dec. 5, 2014

Mark McNeil, The Hamilton Spector

HAMILTON- You think you’ve got a lot on your mind?
But imagine the headaches for City of Hamilton technocrats trying to keep track of the maintenance and rehabilitative needs of 6,500 lane-kilometers of road worth $4.5 billion and 75,000 pieces of sewer and water pipe worth $10 billion.

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Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies Launches Canadian Trenchless Directory

-Dec. 2, 2014

The Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) is pleased to announce the online Canadian Trenchless Directory – a comprehensive source of information about the Canadian Trenchless Industry.

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Falling Apart: America’s Neglected Infrastructure

-Nov. 23, 2014

As featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes

Steve Kroft reports on why our roads, bridges, airports and rail are outdated and need to be fixed.

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As Infrastructure Crumbles, Trillions Of Gallons Of Water Lost

– Oct. 29th, 2014

As posted on

Imagine Manhattan under almost 300 feet of water. Not water from a hurricane or a tsunami, but purified drinking water — 2.1 trillion gallons of it.

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Trenchless Technology Announces its 2014 Projects of the Year Winners for New Installation and Rehabilitation

Sep 22, 2014

As posted in Trenchless Technology Magazine.

Trenchless Technology magazine, the leading publication covering the trenchless marketplace, has announced the winners of its annual Projects of the Year for 2014. Projects are awarded in New Installation and Rehabilitation categories.

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Force Mains Are a Growing Concern

Sep. 18, 2014

As posted in Trenchless Technologies 

For most of its history, the trenchless pipe relining and inspection market has centered on gravity sewer pipes. That seems quite natural, considering the fact that the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) process — the forerunner of trenchless relining — was engineered specifically for gravity sewers.

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2013 Municipal Buried Infrastructure Survey

Waterloo, September 5, 2014

By: The Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies

CATT is pleased to announce the results of the first Canadian Municipal Infrastructure Survey. The survey provides an overview of Canada’s water, wastewater, and storm water sectors and assesses the market conditions related to the construction, renewal and financing of water, wastewater and storm water networks.

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8 Questions for Every Water Utility after the UCLA Water Main Break

Los Angeles, August 14, 2014

By: Ed Osann

The water and mud from the big watermain break that flooded the UCLA campus in Los Angeles in late July left behind several questions that could be asked of every water supplier in the country. Find out for yourself how vulnerable your home town’s water supply is to leaks and breaks with these eight questions.

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FER-PAL Awarded APWA Chicago Suburban Brand 2021 Technical Innovation Award

Elgin, February 15, 2021- FER-PAL Construction is pleased to announce that they, alongside their project partners of the City of Northlake and Christopher B. Burker Engineering, have been awarded the 2021 Technical Innovation Award by the Chicago Suburban Chapter of the APWA. The project was a record-breaker for the CIPP specialist as the project included a 655ft single pull of an ALTRA CIPP Liner. For more about the project please click here. 


Robots make Waukegan water main work less intrusive, more effective

Waukegan, IL- Robots are at work beneath Waukegan’s streets, connecting buildings to water mains while the roadways above remain relatively free of signs of construction.

The robots are part of a test program rehabilitating 1,334 feet of water main currently underway beneath Lewis Avenue, near Belvidere Road, relying primarily on people-operated technology minimizing the usual road construction which accompanies such projects.

If the public-private partnership between the city and FER-PAL Infrastructure works as anticipated, Mayor Sam Cunningham said it could be a “game-changer.” It will reduce water main breaks, and the inconveniences which accompany them.


City using new technology to tackle tricky water main repair jobs

Lincoln, NE- Tighter underground utility corridors packed with more pipelines, electrical cables and fiber optic conduit have made replacing some corroding city water mains increasingly tricky.

City Water Distribution Superintendent David J. Beyersdorf said crews can typically install new, realigned replacement mains after boring through the street.

Occasionally, though, the space available or conditions underground have demanded the city go another route.

“You call them your problem children projects,” he said.

The city recently completed its latest “problem child” water main project in a $2.7 million job using a technology new to this otherwise routine city work: cast-in-place — or cured-in-place — pipe lining.


LOGISTEC’s Next Generation of Water Technology is Now NSF 61 Certified

MONTRÉAL, April 20, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ – LOGISTEC Corporation (“LOGISTEC”) (TSX: LGT.A) (TSX: LGT.B), a marine and environmental services provider, is pleased to announce that its next generation of Aqua-Pipe water technology is now NSF 61 certified. This important certification opens yet another door for this technology to solve a myriad of challenges faced by municipalities and communities around the world dealing with health issues associated with aging water main infrastructure, and to protect water mains in cases of extreme seismic activity, floods and other natural disasters.



3GT Racing’s blue, No. 14 Lexus RC F GT3 will sport the FER-PAL Infrastructure logo at this weekend’s Chevrolet Sports Car Classic on Michigan’s Belle Isle and for the remainder of the 2018 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Racing Championship season.


FER-PAL Construction Ltd Named 2017 Excavator of the Year

FER-PAL Construction Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been named the 2017 Excavator of the Year (Water and Sewer) by the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORGCA)


FER-PAL Construction Ltd Achieves COR™ Certification

FER-PAL Construction is pleased to announce that it has achieved a COR™ Certification from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA).


Watermain Upgrades Across Toronto

The governments of Canada, Ontario, and the City of Toronto announced a $20 million investment the structural relining of watermains in Toronto, approved under the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF).


FER-PAL Infrastructure Hires a New Municipal Market Expansion Manager

FER-PAL Infrastructure, the watermain lining specialists, is pleased to announce that Luc Lupien has joined the business development team to manage the company’s growing market presence with municipalities across Canada.


East Grand Rapids using innovative method to repair water main

Work on a more than 100-year-old water main in East Grand Rapids is using a unique construction method and will be one of the few times done so in West Michigan

A piece of over 100-year-old water main pipe


Hamilton on receiving end of $31 million for 16 water and wastewater upgrades

Hamilton, Ont. is getting 16 new water and wastewater projects off the ground thanks to cash injections from the federal and provincial governments.

Hamilton on receiving end of $31 million for 16 water and wastewater upgrades


Aqua project wrapping up on North Vermilion

This is a relatively new process for Aqua and may be used on some other areas, he said. Aqua officials said the North Vermilion project consists of installing a “cast in place” pipe liner within the existing 8-inch cast iron water main. It’s like a pipe within the pipe




Huntingburg Stellar Project Earns Midwestern Engineers an Engineering Excellence Award

Midwestern Engineers, Inc. has received a Merit Award for Engineering Excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Indiana.
The award was made in recognition of the 4th Street Water Main Cured-In-Place Pipe Rehabilitation Project in the City of Huntingburg Indiana. The project revitalized a more than 120-year-old cast iron water main in downtown Huntingburg, providing the infrastructure core for future downtown development projects associated with the Indiana Stellar Communities Program. Engineers Richard Burch and John Wetzel led the project for the firm.


Huntingburg, Ind. Tackles Water Issues in Downtown District

When the downtown district of Huntingburg, Indiana – the city you lead – is known for its unique shops and restaurants and looks like it could be a Hollywood movie set for Midwestville, USA, planning an open-cut construction project for water main work just won’t do


Trenchless After Hours: Fer-Pal’s Shaun McKaigue Takes Top Honors in Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada Gold Series

When he’s not busy in his job as president and CEO of Toronto-based Fer-Pal Infrastructure or working on his “honey do” list at home, McKaigue can be found on some of the most storied road courses in North America, battling it out door-to-door in IMSA’s Ultra 94 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada by Yokohama race series.

Sponsors on McKaigue’s No. 34 Fiorano Racing Porsche include Fer-Pal Infrastructure, Aqua-Pipe, Pfaff Porsche and Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre.


Southfield Using Cured in Place Pipe to Replace Old Water Mains, Minimize Cost & Disruption

With the costs of failing infrastructure and matters of public health on the minds of municipal leaders, communities are on the lookout for solutions to water system issues such as deteriorating water mains.


Fourth Street Water Line Project Begins Monday

As part of the Stellar Community projects, a historic water main — the contractors dated it to being installed around 1891 — will be replaced on Huntingburg’s historic Fourth Street.


CIPP Rehab of Water Mains Running Through Backyards

When water mains were first installed, ease of replacement was not necessarily the first thing on the minds of those who designed the project. 

wau 3


Orland Park adopts latest water technology to rehabilitate old watermains

Burke Engineering, Airy’s, Inc., and FER-PAL Infrastructure are using robots underground to rehabilitate Orland Park’s watermains without damaging the street’s majestic trees, while also minimizing disruption to homeowners.


City of Regina Relining Water Pipes

REGINA — Residents living on an eight-block stretch of Rae and Robinson streets can expect to have their water temporarily provided by another source as crews work on the decades-old concrete water pipes underground.


The Three C’s of Water Main Rehabilitation

The 3 Though structural cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining for watermain rehabilitation has been widespread throughout Canada, only recently is it gaining steam in the United States. 


Using CIPP for Watermains: A Less Disruptive Approach

As infrastructure ages, water utility owners are tasked with the replacement of water mains that are reaching the end of their useful life.


New pipe solves water main break problems

Madison Water Utility has found a way to resolve the problem without tearing up the street.


FCM Sustainability Trade Show News Release

FCM Sustainability Trade Show brings leading sustainable products and services to 500 municipal participants


Quinn Persuades FER-PAL to Open in Elgin

Governor Quinn said he worked hard to persuade a water-main repair company to open a new office in the Northwest Suburbs.


New Green-Tech Firm May Reduce Costs of Replacing Chicagoland’s Aging Water Mains

Chicagoland’s aging water infrastructure is under more stress than ever, and recent water main breaks are a telling sign of the disaster that Chicago and all cities with aging water mains are facing.


FER-PAL Opens HQ in Elgin, Creates 50 jobs

Gov. Pat Quinn joined Fer-Pal Construction executives Tuesday to open the water main rehabilitation company’s new U.S. headquarters in Elgin, creating 50 jobs with a potential of up to $260,000 in state incentives.


Madison Water Utility Builds New Watermains — Inside The Old Ones

Imagine Badger Rd. completely gutted – nothing but dirt and gravel, impassable for months. Same story for West Mifflin St. and Lake Mendota Drive. It’s what would have happened had Madison Water Utility chosen to dig up and replace the aging water mains that run beneath those streets.