Field-proven innovative solutions to solve water issues

FER-PAL is a licensed installer of ALTRA, the leading product used for trenchless structural watermain rehabilitation. Composed of two polyester jackets and an epoxy resin, the ALTRA CIPP liner is an AWWA Class 4 structural lining solution.

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The ALTRA Advantage:

  1. Stops watermain breaks and leaks
  2. Pulled-in-place system with wet-out of liner occurring on-site
  3. Ability to line multiple 45-degree bends
  4. Install new services via hot-tap with standard tapping tools
  5. Reassemble with standard fittings


  • Certified by NSF and UL to NSF/ANSI Standard 61
  • Mechanical properties exceed ASTM F1216 and ASTM F1743 Standards
  • Designated Class IV fully structural liner as per the AWWA M28 manual
  • Meets the Solar Impulse Standards on Sustainability & Profitability
  • Tested in compliance with Australian/New Zealand Standard 4020
  • Standard BNQ 3660-950 approved product

Safe, Clean Water for Generations, No Matter What.

Our next-generation technology renews and protects your aging water infrastructure from the inside with minimal disruption to your communities.

Aging Infrastructure

Big cities across North America are facing emerging risk, as aging infrastructure threatens the reliability and quality of their water supply. There are an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the USA, wasting over two trillion gallons of treated drinking water. According to the American Water Works Association, an estimated $1 trillion is necessary to maintain and expand service to meet demands over the next 25 years.

Drinking Water Lead-Free Technology

The least disruptive, most cost-effective solution to deliver reliable lead-free water to every home.

Our proven water lead technology creates a lead-proof barrier inside existing pipes at a fraction of the cost, time and disturbance of traditional replacement technology that can ensure long-term resilience and environmental protection.

How do you implement the next-generation of lead-free solution system timeline:

The Next-Generation of Lead-Free Solution is particularly suitable where alternative solutions prove to be disruptive, such as alongside other infrastructure, under road crossings, in congested ground with other utilities, and in customer properties under drives and gardens. It is also especially beneficial for lining old deteriorating pipes and lines with leaching contaminants, such as lead & copper pipe, as it acts as a barrier.

The Most Robust PFAS Solution

We dispose of PFAS (the “toxic forever chemicals”) more cost-effectively than anyone else.

Forever Chemicals

There are hundreds of contaminated sites in Canada and the USA. No complete record of those sites is available but military bases, airports/heliports, landfills, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants as well as industrial facilities are known locations where the risk of having PFAS is very high.

LOGISTEC Environmental experts have been performing risk assessments and implementing environmental clean-up solutions for close to 50 years, building a reputation as innovators and logistics experts along the way. As it is, our experts have been asked to counsel for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Collaborative as well as be part of a work group aiming to create the Canada Water Agency.

We treated OVER 10 BILLION LITERS of contaminated water for a broad range of industrial customers.

We offer a customized and sustainable approach for treatment of highly PFAS contaminated water at a fraction of the cost and risk of solutions that rely primarily on adsorption media (activated carbon or ion exchange resins).