Established in 1986, FER-PAL Construction Ltd. is a trench less technology company that offers complete watermain rehabilitation solutions. FER-PAL specializes in projects utilizing trenchless technologies of all types and sizes for municipalities across Canada and the United States.

Step 1

We excavate a access hole for our workers to gain access to the watermain.

Step 2

We clean and flush out the dirty & damaged existing watermain.

Step 3

We pull a liner into the existing watermain and cure it in place.

Step 4

We robotically reinstate each service from inside the newly lined watermain.





FER-PAL is not only dedicated to providing towns with safe and clean drinking water, We also pride ourselves on being ecofriendly and community conscious.



Is FER-PAL working in your neighborhood?

Our leading edge technology makes for non-invasive work.

Find out what to expect from FER-PAL during the project. Or visit our F.A.Q Page

How long will the construction be continuing in my neighborhood?

All jobs and job sites are different. It is difficult to estimate how long a job will take to complete. Residents are usually on our temporary water supply for approximately three weeks.

Will the rehabilitation process increase my water pressure?

No it will not. Water volume may increase but local pressure will always remain constant. Most residents experience a greater volume while they are connected to our temporary water supply as a result of the size of the hose connected to your outside tap. Once this hose is removed, normal water volume will resume. The only way to permanently increase water volume is to increase the size of the water service pipe that runs from the water main to your home. Installing a new water service is not a service that FER-PAL supplies.

Will I be notified in advance of when a scheduled shut-off is to occur?

Yes. During the rehabilitation process residents and commercial establishments will be notified (via hand-deliver), of the time and date(s) of when the water will be shut off for lining purposes and hydrant and valve repairs/replacements as per contract requirement. It is necessary when lining the pipe to shut off the water supply to eliminate any leaking water from escaping back in through your service into the pipe which will disturb the cement mortar from setting.

Can I still flush my toilet during the water shut-off?

Yes. The tank in the back of toilet must be three quarters full in order for the toilet to flush. Reserve a supply of water by filling your bathtub. Simply use a bucket to replenish the toilet’s reserve tank after each flush.

Our Valued Customers

Some of the municipalities we’ve worked with who trust FER-PAL to rehabilitate their watermains.

Greenhouse Gas Emmisions

On Average, FER-PAL currently saves:


Tons of Green House Gases Annually

By using trenchless technologies such as C.I.P.P. to rehabilitate old watermains, FER-PAL digs less and requires substantially less equipment compared to the traditional open cut method.