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Established in 1986, FER-PAL Construction Ltd. is a trench less technology company that offers complete watermain rehabilitation solutions. FER-PAL specializes in projects utilizing trench less technologies of all types and sizes for municipalities across Canada and the United States.

What FER-PAL does in your community, simply put.

excavatorWe excavate a access hole for our workers to gain access to the watermain Step 1
detergentWe clean and flush out the dirty & damaged existing watermain Step 2
linerWe pull a liner into the existing watermain and cure it in place Step 3
robot-headnWe robotically reinstate each service from inside the newly lined watermain Step 4
location map No disruption to traffic

1800 miof underground watermain restoration completed

Eco Friendly & Community Conscious

FER-PAL is not only dedicated to providing towns with safe and clean drinking water, We also pride ourselves on being ecofriendly and community conscious. Read More

Fer-Pal worked under Highway401

three forest Limited impact to the surrounding environment


Is FER-PAL working in your neighborhood?

Our leading edge technology makes for non-invasive work.

Find out what to expect from FER-PAL during the project. Or visit our F.A.Q Page

Latest News

Our Valued CustomersSome of the municipalities we’ve worked with who trust FER-PAL to rehabilitate their watermains

Green House Gas Emission

On average, FER-PAL currently saves: 18950 Tons of Green House Gases Annually

By using trenchless technologies such as C.I.P.P. to rehabilitate old watermains, FER-PAL digs less and requires substantially less equipment compared to the traditional open cut method